Saturday, October 15, 2011

Get Ready for "Valvathon for a C.U.R.E"

That's right kids! Our next live show will happening on November 11, 2011 and we are going to be tackling the thick and highly acclaimed Valve library to raise money for the charity Project C.U.R.E., a charity that several of us have volunteered at locally several times. From their website, here is a description of who they are and what they do; "PROJECT C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief & Equipment) was founded in 1987 to help meet the need for medical supplies, equipment, and services around the world. PROJECT C.U.R.E. builds sustainable healthcare infrastructure by providing the medical supplies and equipment that medical personnel need to deliver healthcare to their communities. Since its inception, PROJECT C.U.R.E. has delivered medical relief to needy people in more than 120 countries."

We are going to be starting at 9:00 AM on the morning of November 11 and we are planning to end around noon on November 13. There are going to be all sorts of crazy, exciting things happening as we attempt to play through all of Valve's singleplayer experiences and dabble in their multiplayer offerings. Project C.U.R.E. ships out containers of medical supplies. Each one costs $20,000, so we thought it would be reasonable to make our goal this time to match that price. Make sure to come and support Project C.U.R.E. with a donation! Here is the list of games we plan to tackle, in the order in which we will play them:

Half Life
Half Life: Opposing Force
Alien Swarm
Half Life: Blue Shift
Day of Defeat Source
Half Life 2
Half Life 2: Lost Coast
Left 4 Dead = Console
Half Life 2: Episode One
Counter Strike
Team Fortress Classic
Half Life 2: Episode Two
Deathmatch Classic
Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes
Left 4 Dead 2 = Console
Half Life 2: Deathmatch
Team Fortress 2
Portal 2 = Console
Day of Defeat
Counter Strike Source
Garry's Mod